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Every blog has a purpose. Mine is simply to address issues of biblical studies, theology, church history, pastoral ministry, and current events. I also present other items that I feel might be worthy to be shared (eg. book reviews, news items, conference listings, etc.). My hope is that whoever reads it might be edified and challenged in their thinking. I encourage discussion and debate in the comments so please feel free to interact! Ultimately, I seek to live my life in accordance to Philippians 2:12 which reads,

Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling (ESV).

4 Responses to About this Blog

  1. Chuck Tysoe says:

    Hello Allen,

    I found your blog in the comments to the John Stackhouse National Post article about Darwin’s birthday. I subscribed to your blog and look forward to following.

    I’m from Ontario, now in Halifax for the summer, doing research on Darwin at the universities here, for a series I’m writing.

    I met Dr. Haykin, glad to see what you are doing.

    Best wishes from a fellow reformed Baptist,

    Chuck Tysoe

    ps what a mess the Baptists in Canada are!

    • allenmickle says:

      Glad you found the blog Chuck! I also am glad you found my blog interesting. I’m a little behind right now (sort of out of pocket without high speed) but once we relocate to PA I will be back on the blogging scene!

      Glad you also know Dr. H! He’s a great man. I’ll be seeing him at the Andrew Fuller Conference on Baptist Studies next week.

      You’re in Halifax eh? I was interim pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Dartmouth in 2006. If you get a chance, head out there on a Sunday and say hello to my friend Bill Emberley. He is the pastor.

      Yes, the Baptists in Canada have their issues but I’m still thankful to be one… well until my work visa comes in. :)


      Allen Mickle

  2. rick peters says:

    like your blog,any advice to the unconverted? true salvation is both rare and difficult.denying ones self is not possible without the operation of GOD the HOLY GHOST ,believe me i know ,im in this struggle and it is real.i was always taught salvation is an ABC matter. not so .any advice would be appreciated

  3. To,

    Allen Mickle & Family,

    Sub: Pay a visit to India to participate in Crusades and Gospel meetings.

    Dear beloved Brother in Christ, greetings to you in Jesus name Amen. Just browsing your website and praising the lord for things He is doing on behalf your Ministry, by seeing the Spirit of God moving powerfully in your Ministry I can’t stop my hands typing these words to you to have you prayers for India. Iam Pastor. Pravardhan Varma from south India running a Ministry which is based on preaching Gospel all over India by conducting street & public Gospel meetings, I have a desire to conduct crusades for the Glory of God to bring mass congregation to God, as you know very well India is a Hindu country people here always worship idols, my request to you is please pay a visit to India and conduct a crusade for these perishing souls where your teachings may confess their sins and makes them to accept the God and follow Him.

    Hope you can reply me, I request you please pay a visit to Children of Kingdom Ministries website by clicking the link http://www.gscmindia.org We need your powerful prayers for my organization and family. Hope you can respond to my email, as this is the future for India to bring people to Christ Amen.

    Thanking you,

    Pastor. Pravardhan Varma.G,
    Children of Kingdom Ministries,
    Balaji rao Pet – Tenali-522202,
    Guntur Dist – A.P.
    South India.
    Cell: +91- 995-994-5767 .

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