Does God Care About How You Come to Heaven?

July 10, 2010

Each week I pick up the copy of our local newspaper, the Wyoming County Press Examiner. In the most recent issue there was an article about a new pastor, Margie McCarty, at three local Methodist churches. There has been a lot of pastoral transition in our area over the last months (yours truly included!) so there is not much new regarding that. But a statement that she made brought some strong feelings. She says her American Baptist training does not conflict with being a Methodist pastor. She says, “For me, the theological differences are not a personal concern… God doesn’t care how people get into the Kingdom.” Now, knowing the liberal nature of both the American Baptist denomination and the United Methodist denomination, I do not think I have to guess too much by what she said. Many liberal denominations truly mean by this that there are more than one ways to heaven. Yet, the problem I have with this is a key verse.

You see, God DOES care about how you come to Him. He has ordained that the only way to come to Him and thus enjoy eternal happiness with Him is through Jesus Christ and Him ALONE. Not through any other way. Someone must actually trust and believe in Jesus Christ, the God-man who came and died as our substitute to pay the penalty of our sins and rose again to defeat death and provide for us the promise of eternal life. There is only ONE way to Heaven. Jesus Christ. God DOES care about how you come to Him and He has provided for you a way to come. Won’t you come to Him today?

The Maple Leaf Forever

July 1, 2010

Today, July 1, is Canada Day (or as it used to be known, Dominion Day). And as a Canadian living in America it is hard to maintain some Canadian-ness, especially so close to the 4th of July. And me here without a copy of Strange Brew to watch!

As many of you know, Canada’s national anthem is O Canada. But many of you might not know that previous to O Canada there was a song that was considered a national anthem. Written by Alexander Muir (1830–1906) in 1867, the year of Canada’s Confederation, The Maple Leaf Forever highlights historical moments in the early life of Canada including James Wolfe capturing Quebec in 1759 during the Seven Years War and the Battle of Queenston Heights and Battle of Lundy’s Lane during the War of 1812. So for your Canadian pleasure this day, here are the lyrics to The Maple Leaf Forever.

In days of yore, from Britain’s shore,
Wolfe, the dauntless hero, came
And planted firm Britannia’s flag
On Canada’s fair domain.
Here may it wave, our boast and pride
And, joined in love together,
The thistle, shamrock, rose entwine
The Maple Leaf forever!

The Maple Leaf, our emblem dear,
The Maple Leaf forever!
God save our Queen and Heaven bless
The Maple Leaf forever!

At Queenston Heights and Lundy’s Lane,
Our brave fathers, side by side,
For freedom, homes and loved ones dear,
Firmly stood and nobly died;
And those dear rights which they maintained,
We swear to yield them never!
Our watchword evermore shall be
“The Maple Leaf forever!”


Our fair Dominion now extends
From Cape Race to Nootka Sound;
May peace forever be our lot,
And plenteous store abound:
And may those ties of love be ours
Which discord cannot sever,
And flourish green o’er freedom’s home
The Maple Leaf forever!


On merry England’s far famed land
May kind heaven sweetly smile,
God bless old Scotland evermore
and Ireland’s Em’rald Isle!
And swell the song both loud and long
Till rocks and forest quiver!
God save our Queen and Heaven bless
The Maple Leaf forever!


You can hear it sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir here.