Trip to Russia and Ukraine

September 15, 2008

Please be in prayer for me as I depart for Russia and the Ukraine this Wednesday (September 17) and will be returning on October 3. This is my first trip as part of the Slavic Gospel Association and trust that this will be an eye-opening time for me. While the above picture shows the touristy side of Moscow, I will be traveling in the rural communities meeting people serving in churches as pastors and ministry leaders in far less touristy settings. Pray for our brothers and sisters in the Commonwealth of Independent States that the Lord would bless them in their ministry. Pray that I would grow and be challenged in my own faith and excited to share the stories of what God is doing in this spiritually hungry place!

Indwelling Sin and Salvation

September 5, 2008

Black as night inside my chest,

The colour of my heart.

Deceit and evil above the rest,

Each and every part.

My actions I do not approve,

My deeds cloaked in sin.

Darkness envelops every move,

The darkness that’s within.

Indwelling sin motivates me,

To serve only myself.

Inclination from God to flee,

Cast upon the shelf.

One cure for the depraved heart,

A substitute is needed.

Holiness from Him to impart,

For me He interceded.

Christ Jesus is the only way,

To remove the night.

Go to Him on knees and pray,

Turns the black to white.

Trust in Christ and His death,

He paid the penalty.

Atonement on His every breath,

From the night, flee.

2nd Annual Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies Conference MP3’s Available

September 5, 2008

The audio is now available in MP3 form from the 2nd annual Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies Conference. The theme was The English Baptists of the 17th Century. Be sure to listen to all of the messages especially that of Al Mohler! But you would enjoy them all! You can find them here.

Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) – New Resource

September 5, 2008

Issue 9 (Spring 2008) of Eusebeia: The Bulletin of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies is now available in print form. This included many of the papers presented at the 1st annual Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies conference held at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2007. These articles focus on “reading Andrew Fuller” and deal with his theological influences from men like Owen to Edwards. Included also are articles on Fullers’ view of the atonement and the relationship between John Ryland Sr. and Jr. and John Erskine. The table of contents are as follows:

3 From the editor


“A Great Thirst for Reading”: Andrew Fuller the Theological Reader
Michael A.G. Haykin

27 Andrew Fuller:  Heir of the Reformation
Jeffrey K. Jue

53 John Owen and Andrew Fuller
Carl R. Trueman

71 Andrew Fuller’s Reading of John Gill
Barry Howson

97 The Influence of Jonathan Edwards on Andrew Fuller
Thomas J. Nettles

117 “Sense of the Heart”:  Jonathan Edward’s Legacy in the Writing of Andrew Fuller
Chris Chun

135 Christ’s Absolute Determination to Save:  Andrew Fuller and Particular Redemption
Jeremy Pittsley

167  Andrew Fuller’s Ordination Sermons
Nigel Wheeler

183 The Letters of John Erskine to the Rylands
Jonathan Yeager

To purchase a copy of the journal or subscribe to it contact Steve Weaver at andrewfullercenter [at] sbts [dot] edu.

To Russia with Love – September 2008 SGA Newsletter

September 5, 2008

Greetings friends,

Below you will find the link to my brand new newsletter, To Russia with Love. Each month I will release the newsletter to keep people up to date on my work with the Slavic Gospel Association. Please especially pray for my upcoming trip to Russia and the Ukraine from September 17 to October 3. Next month I will post highlights and pictures from that trip. Enjoy the newsletter and please pray for the Lord to bless His harvest!

September 2008 Newsletter – To Russia with Love

Toronto Pastors Fellowship

September 4, 2008

The new year of the Toronto Pastors Fellowship is upon us! As someone who has attended the monthly meetings in the past you will find this time challenging and encouraging. Be prepared to be instructed by some of Toronto’s best pastors and theologians and ready to enjoy sweet fellowship with others. The first meeting will be on September 22 (I must miss it as I will be in Russia). Paul Martin, Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto will be speaking on Pastor, Mentor the Young Men! An ardent spokesperson and practitioner of mentoring future church leaders, this promises to be a most excellent event!

So, be there and grow in your walk with Christ as you experience iron sharpening iron with other ministry leaders! For more information, visit the Toronto Pastors Fellowship website.

J. Budziszewski interviewed in World Magazine

September 4, 2008

World Magazine is in my opinion, the best Christian magazine on current events and news. Marvin Olasky in the most recent issue (September 6) interviews J. Budziszewski, a Christian professor at University of Texas and author of How to Stay Christian in College and Ask Me Anything.

At one point Olasky asks: “How do you respond to a student contemplating the evil in the world and asking, ‘Why won’t He just fix things?'” Budziszewski responds with a profound point:

“Would it be good for us if He did? Sometimes we need to suffer one consequence of sin in order to recover from a different consequence. One pain is medicine for the other. For instance, suppose every wound you gave your relationship with your friend healed instantly. In that case, would you even think about the wound you caused your soul—about the bleeding hole you made in your worthiness to be trusted? Surely not, so sorrow may do you good. This illustrates how suffering should mean something different to us Christians. It can unite us more closely to Christ.”