I’ll be Pretty Busy for the Next 5 Years…

Well, the application is pretty much in the mail. Lord willing, I hope to begin my Ph.D. in January. My focus is in Baptist History and I’ll be pursuing it at the University of Wales (yes in the United Kingdom). My supervisor is Dr. Michael Haykin of Toronto Baptist Seminary.

My dissertation will be on Andrew Fuller. Fuller, although little known today, was one of the most famous Baptist theologians of the 18th century. Specifically, I hope to focus on how Scripture influenced Fuller’s understanding of the person and nature of Jesus Christ during the numerous Christological debates in which he was involved. The proposed title is, “The Scriptural Influence on Andrew Fuller’s (1754–1815) Views of the Person and Nature of Jesus Christ in the Midst of Christological Controversy.”

This encompasses all that I was looking for in a dissertation topic. It involves 18th century British Particular Baptists; it involves a major name like Andrew Fuller; it revolves around a theological issue (Christology); and it is focused on a number of theological debates. I am very excited about this up-coming change of focus in my life and am very excited to have Dr. Haykin as my supervisor. He has a real passion for Fuller and for increasing study of his life and theology.

I would covet your prayers during my time of study!

8 Responses to I’ll be Pretty Busy for the Next 5 Years…

  1. C G says:

    Brilliant Allen! Great topic, great supervisor. Let me know if I can ever help.

  2. Allen R. Mickle, Jr. says:


    Thanks! It definitely appealed to me. I am anxious to get digging into Fuller. Dr. Haykin is also including me in an up-coming Fuller conference at Southern Baptist Seminary (theme is “Fuller the Reader”) where I’ll be presenting how Fuller was influenced by the reading of John Johnson.

    I’ll let you know if there is anything you can help with. I’m sorry I missed you while you were here. I did finally get your book though (“Rapture Fiction”)!


  3. C G says:


    excellent – do I hear rumours online that you are starting a Fuller blog?

  4. Allen R. Mickle, Jr. says:


    Well, first for the record, I won’t be speaking at the Southern conference. Dr. Haykin can’t change the schedule to make room for me. But I’ll be speaking at the Fuller conference at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2008.

    Yes, we are talking about starting a Fuller blog. It may be part of the new Andrew Fuller Center for Reformed Spirituality.

    So question, how did you hear this, besides looking at my first efforts under my profile? :)


  5. C G says:

    a-ha! A friend of mine has a programme that searches through changes in the blogosphere, and it picked up an entry you had made on Timothy Davis’ page asking for into about pictures, or something …

  6. Allen R. Mickle, Jr. says:


    Funny! I hope it is profitable for others!


  7. Steve Weaver says:

    That’s an awesome research project! I look forward to meeting and fellowshipping with you in the future!

  8. Allen R. Mickle, Jr. says:


    Thanks for the kind comments. I look forward to interacting and fellowshipping with you too.

    Allen Mickle

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