I am the New Ian

I want to thank everyone for praying for me. I have been offered the position of Administrative Assistant to the Principal (Dr. Michael Haykin) at Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College. I start in 2 weeks. It is a tremendous opportunity for me and a pleasure to serve such a wonderful institution for raising up ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 Since hearing about it, I have been called by two individuals “the new Ian.” Ian Clary, who is a student at TBS previously served in my new capacity. I told Dr. Haykin I was going to get cards made up that said “Allen Mickle… the New Ian!” I hope I do as good a job as he did!

 Thank you again for all your prayers! Continue to pray for me as I start this new ministry and begin work on my Ph.D.

11 Responses to I am the New Ian

  1. gribben says:

    Well done!

  2. Allen Mickle says:

    Thanks Crawford. I am very excited. I see it as a clear answer to prayer.


  3. allenmickle says:

    Nathan and Steve,

    Thanks so much for your congratulations. I am looking forward to this new area of ministry. Lord willing it will put us all in better contact with each other; especially you Steve since you are a student of TBS!


  4. Ian Clary says:

    Hey man,
    I don’t feel worthy!!!
    Congrats man, it’s gonna be great having you around TBS.

  5. allenmickle says:

    LOL… It’ll be good to spend time with you again Ian. Looking forward to it! Remember… cut me some slack! You know what it’s like!


  6. gribben says:

    When will Ian become “the old Allen”?

  7. allenmickle says:

    Good question Crawford… I think the only way Ian can become the old Allen is if he gains 100 pounds and Vicki divorces him. Then we might be on more equal footing!

    I suppose we may never know when that transformation will occur!

  8. Ian Clary says:

    And I’d have to have more degrees and become a dispensationalist! ;)

  9. allenmickle says:

    Well… the degrees thing is one thing… I’ll keep praying about you becomming a dispensationalist!

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