I’ve been Accepted!

I just received my acceptance papers in the mail today! I am now a Ph.D. student in Historical Theology at the University of Wales Lampeter. I will be studying under Dr. Frances Knight, Senior Lecturer in Church History at the University of Wales, Dr. Maurice Dowling, Professor of Church History and Theology at Irish Baptist College, and Dr. Michael Haykin, Principal and Professor of Church History and Reformed Spirituality at Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College.

This is extremely encouraging news! University of Wales Lampeter is the third oldest institution for higher learning in England and Wales (after Oxford and Cambridge). Dr. Knight and Dr. Dowling are accomplished Church Historians with specialties in the history of Christianity in England during the period in which I am writing. Of course, Dr. Haykin is a highly esteemed Church Historian with a particular focus in 18th century Baptist History which is precisely my focus.

Again, for those who may not have heard before, my focus is on the Christological Apologetics of Andrew Fuller. My dissertation title is “The Scriptural Influence on Andrew Fuller’s (1754–1815) Views of the Person and Nature of Jesus Christ in the Midst of Christological Controversy.” I hope to focus on how Fuller understood and interpreted the Scriptures (what he called “The Oracles of God”) in his defence of the orthodox positions on the person and nature of Jesus Christ in his controversies with the Johnsonians, Paine, Priestly, and finally, Vidler.

 I am incredibly excited about this new phase of my life. Pray for me that I may devote my studies to this in such a way that it brings Glory to God and benefit to the Church of Jesus Christ.

6 Responses to I’ve been Accepted!

  1. Ian Clary says:

    Alright man! Very encouraging news!!! I’m very happy for you.

  2. allenmickle says:

    Thanks Ian! I’m really pumped!

    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

  3. Steve Weaver says:

    Congratulations! That’s a great opportunity. I may try to follow suit before long.

  4. allenmickle says:


    Thanks so much! I am really looking forard to it! So shall I see you eventually around TBS with you doing a Th.M. there? I’ll also be looking forward to perhaps being fellow Lampeter grads!

  5. gribben says:

    Good man!

  6. allenmickle says:

    Thanks Crawford. Maybe I’ll have reason to come over Manchester way and say hello now! Actually, I believe Dr. Haykin and I may be heading to the UK next year sometime… so who knows?

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