My Favourite Baptist History Blogs

The benefit of a blog is to be able to share your thoughts with people who do not always get to see you in person. In turn, you get the opportunity to learn from others. Since one of the main focuses of my blog is on Baptist history I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Baptist history blogs. I rank them in no particular order.

Historia Ecclesiastica

Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin, Principal and Professor of Church History and Reformed Spirituality at Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College has in my opinion one of the best Church History blogs around. In fact I think he is one of the best Church Historians in the world (and that’s not just because he’s my boss!). His particular areas of expertise are in the Ancient Church, Baptist History, and Spirituality. His blog is carefully thought out, and tremendously applicational!

Nathan A. Finn

Nathan Finn, Ph.D. student in Church History at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is one of the bright up-and-comers in Church History. His insight in particular into the Southern Baptist Convention. He also has a keen interest in 18th century British Baptists which in my opinion is one of the most fascinating areas of Baptist History (and that’s not just because I’m doing my dissertation in that area!). Keep your eye on this blog.

Pastor Steve Weaver’s Blog

Steve Weaver, a Th.M. student at Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College and Pastor of West Broadway Baptist Church in Lenoir City, Tennessee. His love for Baptist History is evident in his blog postings especially on Hercules Collins. His being a pastor is also most helpful as he seeks to show how studying Baptist History can actually be life changing!

Praisegod Barebones

Bart Barber’s blog is extremely helpful in understanding Southern Baptist History. He also has a keen interest in areas of British Particular Baptist life which is always great. Plus, I agree with Nathan that he has the best Baptist blog name anywhere! He is gracious and helpful in clarifying complex issues in Baptist History.

Check out all of these blogs. They will help you in your understanding of Baptist History immensely!

4 Responses to My Favourite Baptist History Blogs


    I was surprised to read your “why I don’t want to be…” as I just finished a 100 page manuscript on the lies of Southern Baptists concerning scripture. Every single one of the categories below defines the ways in shich the SBC preaches lies. Unlike you, I can no longer be a Southern Baptist – it turns my stomach to hear these lies preached by those who call themselves “People of the Book.”

    Offerings/Rumors Of Wars/No Longer Bound/Profound Ignorance Of Real Life/Quiet Sanctuary?/I Saw A 900-Foot Jesus/How About A Lord’s Day?/The Pledge Of Allegiance/plagiarism/More Picky Than God/ Wine/ Homosexuality/ Protection Of WHOSE Marriage?/Would Jesus Be Green?/Only Jews can pastor/Hollywood/ Wednesday Nights/Eden/Cain’s Wife/The Flood/ Christmas/Easter/Tithing/ Retirement of Holy Spirit/ God Can’t Look At Sin?/Joseph’s Egyptian Psychologist/Race/White Man’s Peacher/ Usurping Authority Over Women/Hypocrites Praying For Workers/The Big Bang/Earth Age/People ‘Evolution/Courthouse Lawns/The Adoration Of George Bush/ God’s Little Clowns/I like your Christ. Mahatma Gandhi/Silence Isn’t Golden. J V. McGee/Against Abortion? Don’t Have One/Sin Nature = Babies Go To Hell/Jesus Is A Pretty Good Savior/Halloween and Satanism/Consorting With Spirits/Are Christians Afraid Of Satan?/Witnessing at Work/Born-Agains, Two Belly Buttons?/Jesus Forbids School Prayer/Angels/God Bless America, We’re Worth It/Legislating Morality/Religious Jewelry, Bumper Stickers/Animals In Heaven/Water Into Wine, Whine Into…/God’s Abominations/Death Penalty/ Not Working Jesus’ Agenda/Separation Of Church And Hate/If All Is Not Lost, Where Is It?/God Grades On The Cross/The KJV/ and Missing Anything (the hundreds of books the BIble mentions and even Jesus studied that the Constantine decided we don’t need anymore).

    I haven’t found a SBC preacher willing to sit down and discuss these. Not argue, each backed by Scripture in context and affirmed by other Scripture.

    Ask me why the SBC policy on female preachers is racism.

    Sandra Wheeler

  2. allenmickle says:

    Dr. Wheeler,

    I am not a Southern Baptist, nor do I know why you assume I am since I never say that I am a Southern Baptist.

    Frankly, I have no idea what you are talking about in this comment. What is the significance of the things you list? There is no context to them so I am unsure what you are talking about.

    But, I am pleased with the SBC resurgence and will support that. I have a number of SBC friends and would probably not be in agreement with you. You sound extremely biased though in what you have said even briefly here. I find the vitriolic nature of your post quite disturbing.

    If you actually want to talk about something like a normal person and address an issue and invite response, I am happy to do so.


    Like a “normal” person? Excuse me for living.

  4. allenmickle says:

    Dr. Wheeler,

    I apologize for the “normal” comment. I meant instead of the sort of “hit and run” comment you left which did not really allow for any kind of intelligent interaction. I am more than willing to interact with you on this although I am not affiliated with the SBC.

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