More Reading on Baptist Distinctives…


One of my heroes in the faith, T. T. Shields (1873-1955), preached a message at Jarvis Street Baptist Church (the church he pastored from 1910-1955) on January 22, 1928 which I think still has value for us today.

It is reproduced in The Gospel Witness and can be found here. I suggest we all read it and reflect on what makes a Baptist a Baptist.

3 Responses to More Reading on Baptist Distinctives…

  1. R. L. Vaughn says:

    Allen, thanks for posting this message by Brother Shields.

  2. allenmickle says:

    Brother Vaughn,

    Not a problem. I hope it is helpful and enjoyable.

    Allen Mickle

  3. R. L. Vaughn says:

    Thanks, Allen. Yes, it was both enjoyable and helpful. I’ve got a few quotes from Shields I’m going to use on my blog.

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