Paying of Debts…

“Paying of debts, is next to the grace of God, the best means in the world to deliver you from a thousand temptations to sin and vanity.”

— Patrick Delany (1685/6-1768)

4 Responses to Paying of Debts…

  1. Marty Foord says:

    Dear Allen,

    Thanks for dropping a note on my website. I just dropped onto yours and was glad to see that you’re doing research into Andrew Fuller. He is one of my heroes, and I do hope that people begin to discover his work. Who is your supervisor?

    God bless,

    Marty Foord.

  2. Wow, you have a category on ‘debt’? You must work with students or something! :)

  3. allenmickle says:

    Ha! Thanks for stopping by Julian. I just came across this quote and I enjoyed it and thought I would throw it up here on the blog. Hope you are well. I hear you’re sharing tomorrow night. Will be good to have you do it. So, see you at the Principal’s Banquet!

  4. Hey again, Allen. I noticed that someone (you?) stopped by my blog from here and checked out the posts with the ‘Haykin’ label. Unfortunately, I haven’t applied the labels to all back-posts yet. I went back and updated nine posts to include that label

    I’m also adding you to my blogroll… I honestly didn’t know you blogged, but I’m excited to probe around here a little bit!

    See you tomorrow night, DV.

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