Name Change of Fuller Center



The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies, now located at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, seeks to promote the study of Baptist history and doctrine as well as reflection on contemporary significance of that history. The center is named in honor of Andrew Fuller (1754-1815), a late eighteenth-and early nineteenth-century British Baptist pastor/theologian who opposed aberrant doctrine among Baptists in England and was instrumental in the founding of the Baptist Missionary Society. Fuller was a close friend and theological mentor of William Carey, founder of the modern international missions movement.


“When English Baptist life was threatened by the winter chill of hyper-Calvinism, Andrew Fuller warmed the churches with the free offer of the Gospel, and thus fueled the modern missions movement,” Russel D. Moore, dean of the School of Theology and senior vice president for academic administration, has noted with regard to the theological importance of Andrew Fuller.


The Andrew Fuller Center will hold an annual major conference that will examine various aspects of Baptist History and thought. It will also support the publication of a critical edition of the works of Andrew Fuller, and from time to time, other works in Baptist history. In time, it is hoped the Center will have a role in mentoring junior scholars involved in Baptist studies. Twice each year, the Andrew Fuller Center will also publish Eusebeia, a journal that will carry articles and book reviews related to Baptist history and thought.


If you have any questions regarding the Center please feel free to contact me as I will be serving as Administrative Assistant to the Center.

2 Responses to Name Change of Fuller Center

  1. Jim says:

    Will the centre be responsibile for the journal “Eusebeia”?

  2. Allen Mickle says:


    Yes, the center will be publishing Eusebeia.


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