Faith-Based Education


With regards to the whole faith-based education debate in Ontario with the provincial election coming up on October 10, the National Post printed my letter today. I thought I would include it here for all to read.


All education is faith-based


I find the discussion over faith-based publicly funded education rather amusing: Does anyone really believe that public education currently is not faith-based? Excluding the Roman Catholic School Board (and it makes no sense to support them when denying support to other faiths), the public school system embraces its own faith system.


That faith system is secular humanism. It is not as if the public system is totally “fact” based. The entire approach of the teaching philosophy there is that man is the ultimate, man is ultimately good, there is nothing beyond man. This in itself is faith — there is, after all, no scientific process to determine if this is right or wrong.


The debate should not be faith-based vs. public education. It should simply be about what faith systems we support: The ones that embrace a deity as the ultimate, or one that embraces man as the ultimate.


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