Another Up-Date

Well, it seems like I cannot prevent myself from posting personal issues on the blog since Mark wants an up-date on what is going on in my life! He broke it down into three things: wedding, study, pastoral. Let me break them down for you further…


Well, things are going great between Tracy and I. In fact, they are going better than great! Tracy and I have been continuing to grow in our relationship with one another and moving more and more together in a serious way. Therefore, on October 27, I plan on seeking her father’s permission formally to marry her. She knows this so we’re all praying about it very hard. Then, probably sometime in November, I will propose (pending a positive verdict from Mr. Kuehne!). In fact, I took the ring to the jeweler last night to have resized!


Well, unfortunately I have had to put my studies officially on hold at the University of Wales. To be honest, it was a simple issue of finances. They wanted money, and I didn’t have any to give them. Dr. Haykin has tried to convince me to go down to Southern with him and do my PhD there, but even though that sounds very appealing, I’m not convinced it is going to work out. So, until the Lord finds it good to put me in a job that pays more, official studies are out of the question.


Many know that I was candidating at a church in New Jersey recently. After some last minute thinking and praying and seeking of wisdom from my “council of the wise” Tracy and I decided that church was not a good fit for us right now at this stage in our lives. So we continue to pray for the Lord to open doors. My time here at TBS ends the end of December with the departure of Dr. Haykin to Southern. Therefore, we are earnestly seeking the Lord’s will for ministry. There are a few options we are working on, but trust it will be in the Lord’s timing.

I know both Tracy and myself would covet your prayers in all three of these areas. Many blessings!

3 Responses to Another Up-Date

  1. thomasgoodwin says:

    Thanks. Now we know how to direct our prayers. When it comes to education, it’s all about money, I’m afraid!

  2. Steve Weaver says:


    I will continue praying for you in all three areas.


  3. CG says:

    Wonderful news. We were praying for you this morning!

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