TBS Book Sale!!



Come one come all to the Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College book sale! All proceeds go to the Peter MacGregor Library at TBS.


We have been fortunate to receive the entire contents of a solid Christian bookstore as a gift to the school. Most of the books are new and there is some used as well. You will find great deals here on fantastic books! This will include commentaries, theological texts, and other solid reference materials!


Only cash or cheque will be accepted. To be held at Jarvis Street Baptist Church (130 Gerrard Street East, Toronto).


For more information please phone 416-925-3263 or e-mail inquiry@tbs.edu.

2 Responses to TBS Book Sale!!

  1. thomasgoodwin says:

    Oh, I so want to be there, but I’ll be two weeks late. Is there going to be a list of the books? If so, is it possible to buy some and pick them up later? I’m on the look-out for anything, except stuff by C. Gribben ;)

  2. Allen Mickle says:


    Well, I doubt there is much of Crawford’s stuff there! There should be lots of good stuff but unfortunately I don’t think there is going to be a list. Now you may want to talk to Ian because I think he is helping out and going through them so he might be able to let you know some of the stuff there.


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