Another Up-Date!



 Well, it is official! Tracy and I are engaged to be married! Tracy had thought I left on Monday to return to Toronto. Instead I was only half an hour away staying with friends. Once she was done teaching for the day on Tuesday I showed up at the door at 6:30 PM with flowers, a sonnet I had written her, and a ring. I was down on one knee when she opened the door. I could tell she was shocked to see me. I pledged my undying love for her and asked her to marry me, to which she replied “yes!” Yesterday so far it he most happiest day of my life! We’re looking forward to continuing to grow in our love for each other and our love for Christ together. Pray for us as we set out on this lifelong commitment to each other.




9 Responses to Another Up-Date!

  1. cdbrauns says:


    It being October 31, I read Proverbs 31 today and was again thankful for my wife, Jamie.

  2. Allen Mickle says:


    Thanks! I’m very happy and exited! I’m definitely getting a wife that makes me a better person!

  3. Steve Burlew says:

    So happy to have been a part of this special day for you, Allen. Thanks so much for visiting us at Banner of Truth, and a special congratulations from all of us at Banner to the two of you.
    Steve B.

  4. allenmickle says:

    Thanks Steve. It was a great day… getting engaged to my love, and visiting the Banner… who could ask for a better day! Many blessings!


  5. thomasgoodwin says:

    Congrats, Allen. I hope your understanding of Christ’s love for the church will increase as you learn to love your wife in a similar manner.


  6. allenmickle says:

    Amen Mark… I hope so too!

  7. Mark N says:

    I don’t know you, except perhaps from your blog. But I want to say, congratulations! You found a girl near Banner of Truth, nice! :)

  8. allenmickle says:

    Thanks Mark! I agree… that is a nice benefit… but we’ll be living in Canada and thankfully nice and close to Sola Scriptura Ministries, the Canadian distributor for the Banner. :) But, in the end, I’d rather have her than the Banner (sorry Steve!).

  9. Mark N says:

    Picking a lady over a good book publisher? What kind of decision making is that?

    Oh wait.. Maybe that’s why I’m still single :)

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