Moving On

Well, it is almost time to move again. One day I think God will put me in a permanent place where I can put down roots.
Tomorrow is my last day here at TBS. I’ve only been here since March but have made a lot of good friends, and had many wonderful experiences here in this short amount of time. Let me tell you about a few things I will miss…
1) My funny friend Keith Edwards, Registrar and Director of Development. Sometimes I wondered if I would get any work done!
2) My hard working co-worker Debbie. This place would fall apart without her!
3) My fearless boss Michael Haykin. I will never forget his laugh that you can hear a mile away, his stories of Marxist tendencies, a case of Mountain Dew, and the endless amounts of photocopying, editing, and running to the U of T I did for him!
4) My French friends, Pierre Constant and Ruth Labeth. They brought culture to our poor band of fellows here, even though we did tease them. Never let Keith translate for someone who speaks French!
5) Kirk Wellum, who even though he disagreed with me on areas of eschatology, still represented my position faithfully in his class (since I can hear him across the hall!). “Even Mr. Mickle would agree with that!”
6) Our part-time profs like Bob Penhearow, Stephen Yuille, Paul Martin, Leah Robinson, Sheila Evans, and anyone else I’m missing who brought variety to this place!
7) The powerful preaching of Glendon Thompson, pastor of Jarvis Street Baptist Church.
8) And of course all the students… from the hard workers who had stimulating conversation with me to the ones… who didn’t… who spent more time talking about Metalocalypse than they did Traducianism!
I will miss my role I had here, but obviously God has another place for me. I will not forget you all. You have all made an indelible impression on my life and I truly hope that we will have opportunities to minister together again one day (of course I’ll still be Michael Haykin’s lackey!).
Many blessings this Christmas season! Please continue to pray for God’s place for me in ministry!

2 Responses to Moving On

  1. Thanks for the back-handed compliment! Laughter is like good medicine, so I was keeping you healthy so you could do more work! We’re going to miss you – keep in touch!

  2. allenmickle says:


    Not a problem! I suppose you did keep me healthy! I’ll miss you all too!

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