The Future of Baptist Historical Scholarship

I am concerned for the future of Baptist historical scholarship sometimes. I have spoke with Baptist friends with a great love of the Baptist faith (most specifically the Particular Baptist stream) who feel that they need to do work in the area of other individuals outside the Baptist stream to prove themselves in scholarship to those outside of the Baptist stream. If we do work in Puritans, Presbyterians, Independents, etc., then we can prove ourselves to the scholarly world. They know that those kinds of dissertations and such will also prove themselves to Baptist scholarship, so they say it is okay. I am not thinking of anyone in particular here as I have heard this kind of thinking from a number of individuals.

In my opinion then the Baptist cause suffers. I spoke with someone from a Baptist publishing company just last week about the possibility of reprinting some early Baptist works, but there is just not the money nor seemingly, the interest out there. But no offense to my good friends at the Banner, but they do not seem to have to worry about reprinting all of their good Presbyterian friends! What about the Baptists? Why do they have to take second chair to everyone else?

Where are all the Baptist scholars out there? Where are the Michael Haykin’s? Where are the Tom Nettles? I know I am no Baptist history expert. But I do have a love for Baptist history and want to see the stream of our Baptist forefathers explored further and taught and loved and written about. I want to see more people writing about Baptist history and our Baptist forefathers.

My call to you is, if you are considering historical research and study and are a Baptist, do not just decide to study Edwards or Owen or anyone else like that. Study Gill, Keach, Fuller, Spurgeon, etc. We have a great history in our Baptist circles. Let’s see the future of Baptist historical scholarship grow and develop! Let’s see old books republished and new books written! Let’s study these men and women’s lives. Let’s love where we have come from!

9 Responses to The Future of Baptist Historical Scholarship

  1. allenmickle says:

    Glad you agree brother. It’s very frustrating to me sometimes. I hope that you continue on with our Baptist forefathers when you’re done working with Collins!

  2. Steve Weaver says:

    I plan to continue researching and writing about the Baptists.

  3. Doug Smith says:

    Thank you for posting this Allen. I hope to be a part of this in the days ahead, as I would like to do further study during my M.Div. and then possibly a Ph.D. My Baptist history paper was on Dagg, and I’d love to research more about him and some of this other men! It’s too bad they’re often neglected.

  4. allenmickle says:


    Great to hear!


    I hope you continue your studies in the Baptists. We need more solid Baptist men with a good grounding in historical theology. I trust that the Lord would orchestrate your steps in your studies. Who knows, maybe we’ll see your PhD dissertation published as part of the Studies in Baptist History and Thought series from Paternoster!

  5. nathanfinn says:

    Well said, Allen. I hope many will heed your call.


  6. allenmickle says:


    I hope so too!


  7. John says:


    If accepted into TBS, I will be studying the Early Church and the Early Calvinistic Baptists under Dr Haykin. Thank you for this website and blessings on your PhD work


  8. allenmickle says:


    Glad to hear this. Keep up the good work!


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