PhD Update

Well… you’re all looking at an official PhD researcher at Leiden University! The faculty at Leiden presented their case to the admissions board and here I am now! Officially accepted! So, most likely you’ll be hearing more on this blog about John Gill, the Trinity, and the Enlightenment! Keep praying for me!

3 Responses to PhD Update

  1. Dan says:

    Hi Allen;

    Congratulations on your admission! Sounds like it is going to be a great dissertation.

    I met you at the FEB Convention last year in Hamilton. We discussed your studies and I agreed to do something for you. Could you please contact me…I have some questions for you concerning your studies.

    Thanks, Dan

    PS Love your blog!

  2. russ says:

    Good for you, Allen.

    I am working on my final reading for submission.

  3. allenmickle says:


    Thanks for the congrats! And glad you enjoy the blog. I’ll be in touch with you about possible PhD studies in your future!


    Thanks brother! Good luck on the final stretch of your work!

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