New Ministry – Slavic Gospel Association Canada

Slavic Gospel Association Canada

“Serving Churches – Reaching Russia – Since 1934”

I have recently accepted the position of Coordinator of Training and Equipping for Slavic Gospel Association Canada headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario. Our mission, taken from the ministry website, is as follows:

Serving churches – Reaching Russia: The Lord is preparing His church in the lands of Russia for the gathering of waiting fields that are white unto harvest. He has graciously placed SGA in the midst of it, serving Russian churches and North American churches to partner in the reaping of millions of souls for the glory of Christ.

The focus of SGA’s ministry is the marvelous work of the Lord in the lands of Russia, preparing His church for a vast harvest. Since 1934 SGA has been blessed to have a part in God’s plan for reaching the Slavic peoples with the glorious Good News of salvation.

One of the qualities that sets the former Soviet world apart from other mission fields is the historical presence of a small network of sound Bible-preaching, evangelical churches. Having a legacy of faithfulness throughout periods of cruel persecution since their beginning in 1865, the church members are precious brothers and sisters in the Lord. Because these proven Bible-driven churches are already there, SGA’s purpose is to support and strengthen them in their persistent efforts to reach their own peoples with the Gospel. These churches are a beautiful testament to the love of God for His people. He has purified them, protected their sound doctrine, blessed them with freedom, and now he is using them powerfully to carry the light of His Gospel to the aching world around them.

But SGA’s mission of service does not end with Russian churches. The great blessings of partnership are flowing in both directions. When as North American Christians we pray for and come alongside the ministries of our Russian brothers and sisters who have suffered for the Savior, we are thrilled to see the Lord bless their labors of love. We teach them systematic theology and they teach us how to love one another and live each day for the Lord. North American pastors, whose churches send them to teach, are thoroughly blessed by their enthusiastic students and eager to return. By serving as a bridge between the nations, SGA is serving both the Bible-preaching churches of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and the Bible-preaching churches of the West.

Our purpose, Serving Churches – Reaching Russia, is to encourage biblically-based relationships between North American and Russian Christians for the strengthening of the Saints and the furtherance of the Gospel.

I am available to speak in churches in Ontario starting in June to tell people about the great work of God happening in the former Soviet Union. This is an area of much growth and North American churches can be on the front line of serving Christ by serving His church in the CIS.

For more information on the Slavic Gospel Association see the Canadian website here.

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