Book Notice – The Advent of Evangelicalism

I have been informed by Kenneth Stewart, co-editor of this book, that it will now be more readily available in North America. I had previously ordered my copy from IVP-UK (actually and still have not received it!) as I was unsure when it would be available here. Well, here it is straight from B&H Publishing! The following is from the website:

David Bebbington’s 1989 book, Evangelicalism in Modern Britain: A History from the 1730s to the 1980s, offered an interesting hypothesis regarding the genesis of that movement. He argued that evangelical religion had emerged as a substantially new entity through trans-Atlantic evangelical revival in the 1730s and had taken a collaborative rather than contradictory stance towards the Enlightenment. In both respects, Bebbington distanced himself from older interpretations that held the opposite view.

Now, after nearly two decades, the ‘Bebbington thesis’ has gained very wide international acceptance, and a review of its central arguments and implica- tions is presented in The Advent of Evangelicalism. In this stimulating volume, numerous scholars from arts and theology faculties on both sides of the Atlantic—representing several countries, and united by an admiration of Bebbington’s work—take up various aspects of his 1989 volume and offer re-assessments. David Bebbington himself offers a substantial response.

You can purchase it here from B&H.

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