Unplugging from Technology

Many of you know, that my wedding is on July 26. That is this coming Saturday. Tomorrow I drive down to Pennsylvania to help with the final wedding plans before the big day. I made a promise to my soon-to-be wife that I would make sure I unplug from technology for our honeymoon. We’re headed to Florida and I promised I would not bring my laptop. I will have my cell but will only use it for emergencies. So, no updates here my friends. No Facebook updates. No answering e-mails. Nothing! So, this will be my last post for just a little while. Perhaps you too should unplug from technology for a little bit, and go enjoy your family! See you soon… with a new wife!

One Response to Unplugging from Technology

  1. pastorkme says:

    Always good to unplug from technology. Perhaps this type of fasting for those of us who are enthralled with technology should be considered. Silence….is it really possible today to obey the “selahs” of the psalms?
    May God give us all balance.

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