J. Budziszewski interviewed in World Magazine

World Magazine is in my opinion, the best Christian magazine on current events and news. Marvin Olasky in the most recent issue (September 6) interviews J. Budziszewski, a Christian professor at University of Texas and author of How to Stay Christian in College and Ask Me Anything.

At one point Olasky asks: “How do you respond to a student contemplating the evil in the world and asking, ‘Why won’t He just fix things?'” Budziszewski responds with a profound point:

“Would it be good for us if He did? Sometimes we need to suffer one consequence of sin in order to recover from a different consequence. One pain is medicine for the other. For instance, suppose every wound you gave your relationship with your friend healed instantly. In that case, would you even think about the wound you caused your soul—about the bleeding hole you made in your worthiness to be trusted? Surely not, so sorrow may do you good. This illustrates how suffering should mean something different to us Christians. It can unite us more closely to Christ.”

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