To Russia with Love – October Issue

Greetings faithful blog readers! Please find attached the PDF of my most recent issue of To Russia with Love. This newsletter is my monthly report of what God is doing in my life in relationship to my ministry with Slavic Gospel Association. I hope you are encouraged and challenged by what I was able to witness on my recent trip to Russia and Ukraine.

To Russia with Love – October Newsletter of Allen Mickle and SGA

3 Responses to To Russia with Love – October Issue

  1. Ian Clary says:

    Did you send out a hard copy of this to my snail mail address? If not, could you? I’d like one.
    Also, sorry I won’t be able to go to the thingy you invited me to. But please keep me updated on such events.
    Too bad we didn’t get to chat at the TPF. It was nice to meet Tracy though, she seems very nice.

  2. Ian Clary says:

    Now that I think about it, I can just print this.

  3. allenmickle says:


    I did not send one out but I will. But keep in mind the cost of ministry. I will send this one out hardcopy but if I can send future ones via e-mail that would be great.

    No problem about not being able to come. I am glad you are interested in what we are doing here at SGA though. And yes, too bad we didn’t get to talk. I would have liked to have heard more about the church plant. I am praying for you and John. If you need help, let me know.


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