Thankful for My Pastor

dadWhile he isn’t actually MY pastor, I am very thankful for my father. My father, Allen Mickle, recently became Pastor of Walkerville Evangelical Baptist Church in Windsor, Ontario. After the church had searched for over 4 years for a new pastor, my father, became their new shepherd.

I went to seminary with my dad and he graduated with his MDiv when I graduated with my ThM. I had the privilege of taking Greek with him among other classes. He studied hard, worked hard, and graduated with a higher GPA than I did! But studies were not everything for him but he was focused on living out his studies as well. He actively served in teaching ministries and outreach ministries.

Now he faithfully serves his flock in Windsor. He preaches expositionally from the Word and teaches his people the whole counsel of God. He has a desire for them to reach out into the community at large with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

The people love him and he loves them. I was there at his church this past Sunday teaching the adult Sunday School class and preaching for him. I challenged the people to love him and obey him and I challenged him to love and teach the people.

While he is not my pastor directly, he has been my pastor as my father over the years and would be honoured to serve Christ under him at that church.

Please pray, love, and obey your pastor today! Whether he is your father or not!

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