W. C. Burns on the Glory of the Church as a Motivation for Missions

W. C. Burns, Presbyterian missionary to China, in a letter written to his mother on July 25, 1849 reflects on the glory of the church and the motivation that is for motivating us for missions.

“While Jesus lives, the Church whis is his body shall live also, each member receiving by faith out of his fulness and grace for grace. How securely must the Church of the living God be built, when it can stand unshaken while so many who seemed to be pillars are removed! But in the church above, those who are ‘made’ to be pillars ‘shall go no more out’. Blessed, holy, gloriou society of the redeemed in the presence of God and the Lamb! May our hearts be ever there until amazing grace open the door of that inner sanctuary, and call us to come in! Oh! when shall the nations on earth–the many millions of these distant Gentiles–hear the call of the Son of God, bringing them intot he Church below to be prepared for the church above! The change will be great indeed when this takes place! May we have grace to pray and labour that the time may be hastened!”

Michael McMullen, God’s Polished Arrow: W. C. Burns Revival Preacher (Fearn, Ross-shire, Scotland: Christian Focus Publishers, 2000), pp. 308-309.

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