New Blog Dedicated to John Gill

My friend Jerad File (a ThM student studying John Gill at SWBTS) has started a new blog called For the Cause of God and Truth. This blog will be dedicated to the life and thought and scholarship of the Baptist theologian John Gill (1697-1771). He has asked me to contribute to it which I have excitedly agreed to. He has also asked another Gill student to help but I will not mention it until I get confirmation he is joining our little scholarship foray into Gill.

Gill of course, in my opinion, is a neglected Reformed theologian of the Baptist tradition, even by Baptists! Any discussion of Gill focuses on the hyper-calvinism debate and does not go beyond that to look at his other valuable contribution to Reformed thought. I look forward to sharing more of my own studies on Gill there and encouraging others to learn more of this great saint of the past!

“While true religion and sound learning have a single friend remaining in the British Empire, the works and name of Gill will be precious and revered.”

A. M. Toplady – July 29, 1772

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