Puritan Reformed Journal

A new journal has just been released from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary called, Puritan Reformed Journal. An excerpt “From the Editors.”

… the papers in this inaugural issue of The Puritan Reformed Journal do seek to undertake theological reflection along the very lines laid down by the Puritans: submitting to the Word of God as the final and all-sufficient source of truth about God and His salvation, and seeking to understand the many-splendored contours of the biblical witness about the Triune God in Scripture and history. As the Puritans well knew, this entails various realms of theological reflection: biblical, historical, and pastoral theology, and that jewel in the crown, systematic theology. It is the editors’ hope that, in issues to come, all of these realms of theology will be represented and help the church of Christ to increase in the knowledge of her God.

The journal includes the following (among a number of book reviews):

“God-Centered Theology in the Ministry of the Word” by Joel R. Beeke

“Bright Shadows: Preaching Christ from the Old Testament” by David Murray

“Atoning Blood: The Command against Eating Blood” by Jonny Serafini

“Ezra as a Model of Continuing Reformation” by Gerald Bilkes

“Regeneration and Faith According to Two British Reformed Confessions” by Michael A. G. Haykin

“The Christology of Adolphe Monod” by Antoine Theron

“The Principle and Practice of Preaching in the Heidlerberg Catechism” by Daniel Hyde

“Andrew Willet and the Synopsis Papismi” by Randall J. Pederson

“John Murray and the Godly Life” by John J. Murray

“God-Centered Adult Education” by Joel R. Beeke

“Ministerial Pride” by Richard Baxter

“Pastoral Counseling in the Twenty-first Century for Illness, Disease, and Death” by Christopher Bogosh

The journal is published twice a year and is available for $20 in the US, $30 in Canada, and $35 in foreign countries. The first issue can be purchased online here. To subscribe contact:

Ann Dykema, 2965 Leonard Street, N.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49525 – (616) 977-0599 (x. 135) – ann [dot] dykeman [at] puritanseminary [dot] org.

I highly suggest you obtain a subscription to this journal as it is meaty and practical as you grow in your theology and in your ministry.

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