Michael Horton on Joel Osteen

J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California, Michael S. Horton, has written a brief but excellent critique of the theology of Joel Osteen. Read and be edified by “Joel Osteen and the Glory Story: A Case Study.” Horton’s conclusion:

My concern is that Joel Osteen is simply the latest in a long line of self-help evangelists who appeal to the native American obsession with pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps. Salvation is not a matter of divine rescue from the judgment that is coming on the world, but a matter of self-improvement in order to have your best life now.

6 Responses to Michael Horton on Joel Osteen

  1. Acidri says:

    Is there more than a connection between Joel Osteen and New Age Positive Thinking? I have always thought that the Bible is a “wax nose,” meaning that one can prove nearly anything by appealing to Scripture. Certainly a person could “prove” a variety of bizarre assertions by randomly selecting quotes from Scripture. I hope this post helps to draw out the plain similarities in the New Age methodologies. Here is “Joel’s La Vi Da Loca” http://wp.me/pEVJ0-q6

  2. Rusty says:

    So many are quick to bring up theology and scripture to bring down a proclaimed “Christian” or “man of God”. Would that be what some can say for you. Check the Log in your eye before you go playing with the speck in an others. WOW we as a society really do have a long way to go. God Help Us!!

    • allenmickle says:

      Hi Rusty,

      I hope that if someone took the Scriptures and evaluated my ministry and it was found wanting, I would repent of my sins and failures and that my church would hold me accountable in this. Since Scripture is our only rule and standard for both life and ministry, we must use it to evaluate the teachings of Christian leaders (“test the prophets”). If they are found wanting according to the Scriptures then they should repent.

      If you have something in my ministry that according to Scripture does not measure up, I hope you would let me and our church leaders know so we could evaluate it and repent of it if necessary. Each day I seek to evaluate the “log” in my eye before we deal with the “speck” in anothers. This though doesn’t mean we don’t deal with their speck! Thanks for the thoughts.

      Allen Mickle

  3. Lonnie Massotty says:

    You have a huge log.
    Love is the way to victory. Don’t touch God’s anointed.
    He will perfect that which concerns Joel Osteen. Don’t talk about God’s servants. You do the work you were called to do. God knows all about His servant. You don’t need to tear him down. Knock it off.

    • allenmickle says:

      Hi Lonnie,

      Since I don’t proclaim a health and wealth gospel I don’t think I have a log to address in my eye before I critique the theology of another pastor who does struggle in that area. Regardless, the shepherd is to earnestly contend for the faith and protect his sheep and bring them into awareness of the dangers of other theologies out there. So, unfortunately, that is what I was called to do.

  4. Roberto Cremat says:

    Maybe , Osteen is not saved..?

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