Praising God for His Church!

My wife and I go to the world’s best church, Hespeler Baptist Church, in Cambridge, ON. Ever since coming to the church last year we have been welcomed, loved, prayed for, invited into homes, allowed to serve, and privileged to be a part of this body of Christ!

Ever since we lost our job in March we have been worried about what would happen to us. We are running out of money and have not received any unemployment, and despite my efforts at trying to find a job, nothing has happened yet. But we do not have a church that simply says, “go, be warm and well fed.” No, we have a church that loves us and wants to care for us and seeks to mee our needs in practical ways. Our elders are always asking us how we are doing so they can pray and care for us. I have never felt so cared by a church and its leadership in my life. Today, I want to thank God for our local church, our lifeline! Without our church, we would be drifting! But our churhc loves us and wants to care for us! Praise God for His church!

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