The Culture of Friendship

The more we know of Christ’s spirit, and the more we think of the meaning of God’s fathomless grace, the more will we be convinced that the way to please the Father and to follow the Son is to cultivate the grace of kindness and gentleness and tenderness, to give ourselves to the culture of the heart. Not in the ecclesiastical arena, not in polemic for a creed, not in self-assertion and disputings, do we please our Master best, but in the simple service of love. To seek the good of men is to seek the glory of God. They are not two things, but one and the same. To be a strong hand in the dark to another in the time of need, to be a cup of strength to a human soul in a crisis of weakness, is to know the glory of life. To be a true friend, saving his faith in man, and making him believe in the existence of love, is to save his faith in God. And such service is possible for all. We need not wait for the great occasion and for the exceptional opportunity. We can never be without our chance, if we are ready to keep the miracle of love green in our hearts by humble service.

Hugh Black (1868-1953)

Taken from Hugh Black, Friendship: A clasisc guide to finding, restoring and building lasting friendships (Guelph, ON: Joshua Press, 2008), pp. 28-29.

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