New Ministry!

Many of my readers will know that my wife Tracy and I have been seeking the Lord’s will when it came to our next step of ministry. The Lord had directed us out of our last place of ministry and we have been out of work ever since. Yesterday, the Lord provided His next place for us. The people at Tunkhannock Baptist Church in Tunkahnnock, Pennsylvania voted for me to become their new pastor. Tracy and I have accepted this offer and hope to begin soon this next stage of life and ministry.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek housing in the Tunkhannock area as well as to secure a work visa so I can work in the US. Pray for the congregation that their hearts will be prepared for a new pastor. Pray for me that I would be loving, kind, and gracious with my new charge and that I would faithfully preach the Word, equip the saints, and lead the flock. Pray for the community of Tunkhannock that the Holy Spirit would begin working in people’s hearts and preparing them to come into the Kingdom.

This is an exciting time for our family so please continue to pray for a smooth transition and many years of fruitful service to Christ with the body of Christ at Tunkhannock!

5 Responses to New Ministry!

  1. I trust God will quickly open the necessary doors for your move the Tunhannock. And I pray that you will have a long, fruitful ministry there.

  2. Gordon L Belyea says:


    Congratulations on your call to Tunhannock. May the Great Shepherd of the sheep prepare you with every gift to serve as his under-shepherd in your new local church.

  3. Cynthia says:

    I found your website when I searched for a photo of prayer and looked at the one you posted last year (circle of people on the beach). Just wanted you to know I stayed and read several of your thoughts…may God guide you as you begin this adventure of pastoring a new church.

    As a naturally curious person you may find me checking in to see how things are going! May God bless you as you blog for Him

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