Recommended CD – Owl City – Ocean Eyes

I don’t normally recommend music on here (I’m really more of a bibliophile) but I’ve really gotten into Owl City by my 16 year old sister. Their recent disc, Ocean Eyes, is filled with fun, poppy songs that simply said… make you feel good! There’s no dark and depressing stuff here. Whether it’s the romantic, “Vanilla Twilight” or the just silly “Dental Care”, you will be made to feel good and be thankful for love, warmth, and fireflies and all sorts of things! The sort of “electronic” style with a hint of disco and other aspects will just make you be warm and happy! And frankly, we all could use a little more warmth and happiness! And as a Christian and pastor I will say you will find nothing objectionable in this CD. I am finding more and more of my peers enjoying this CD and you will too!

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