Much Prayer, Much Power!

Many of you know that I have accepted the position of Senior Pastor of Tunkhannock Baptist Church in Tunkhannock, PA. We have applied for our work visa but it seems the US government is not easily granting religious worker visas any longer. It could take upward of a year or maybe never.

We feel it absolutely necessary to join our flock soon rather than later. Complicating this is my wife is due with our first child in January and has been in the US since October while I have remained in Canada. We wish to be reunited together in PA and begin serving our church.

We have been advised by an immigration lawyer I should enter the country and apply for my permanent residency (since my wife is a US citizen). This can take a minimum of four months if all goes well. During that time I will be unable to earn a salary from the church or any other job. With my wife just going to be giving birth she will be unable to support us in any kind of meaningful work. So, while we feel it is good for our church and our family to reunite in PA, we have no way to earn an income and pay our bills. We are diligently seeking any ways for me to earn money to support ourselves but are struggling to find out how. While we do not have major bills, we do have bills that cost us money and without an income we are unable to pay these.

We are trusting in God to provide an answer to our dilemma and are now asking you all to pray with us that God would resolve this situation quickly and easily. If you have any advice for us as well in this situation we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much for your prayers in the past and we continue to covet them now.

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