Catalogue of Upcoming Crossway Books… including books by two friends!

You can find my favourite publisher, Crossway Books, upcoming Summer/Fall 2010 catalog here. I generally recommend all their books. This catalog is special though as it contains two books by two dear friends.

Fred Zaspel finally finishes his grand work of seeking to synthesize the thought of B.B. Warfield in his new book, The Theology of B. B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary. Weighing in at 525 pages this book will be out in September. Get it!

Carol Cornish has finished her book The Undistracted Widow: Living for God After Losing Your Husband due out August. Carol, who lost her own husband, is probably the most useful woman I have seen for the church of Jesus Christ even after she lost her husband.

Fred was my wife’s pastor and married us. Carol spent time doing some pre-marital counseling with us before we got married. I love them both dearly and am so thankful God is using them to help Christ’s church! Pre-order these books today!

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