Book Review – The Christmas Promise

There are  a lot of Christmas books out there for children. Some of them good, some of them barely tolerable. I found Alison Mitchell’s The Christmas Promise, to be a helpful overview of the Christmas story which emphasizes an important concept often left out of Christmas stores: that Christ is King.

It seems that overall, most of the world has this idea that Christ is still a little baby, and that they fail to realize that Christ’s coming to earth as a child was for the purpose to fulfill the promises of God to provide a king who would lead and redeem His people. In that, The Christmas Promise succeeds.

The illustrations are interesting and clear, although perhaps a bit frenetic at points. Otherwise, they do helpfully add to the story rather than detract from it.

If you are looking for a helpful children’s book to tell you one of the most neglected “whys” of the incarnation, then let me recommend The Christmas Promise wholeheartedly.

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