Book Review – Alby’s Amazing Book

There has been a marked growth in good children’s material from a gospel-centered focus of late. For too long, most children’s material was focused on a moralistic picture of our relationship to God, rather than a Christ-focused one. I am thoroughly pleased that this change is happening and that I can find good books for my children in that vein. Alby’s Amazing Book, helpfully fits into that category.

The story of a squirrel who likes adventures is very cute. The fact that his adventures are tied into real life stories from the Bible is even better. The fact that the Author of those stories is real and loves Alby, is the best part. It’s a short book, so don’t expect a lot of theology behind it. For instance, I was wishing for Alby to tell us more about the One at the heart of the stories he loves, but perhaps that’s best left to other books, and Alby’s Amazing Book serves as a little appetizer (especially consider Jim Hamilton’s recent, The Bible’s Big Story). Overall, it’s helpful to point out to our children that the stories in our Bible are true, and aren’t there in isolation from the rest, but there to point us to the Author of the stories. In that, Alby’s Amazing Book, succeeds.

As to the illustrations, they are certainly eye-catching and interesting, if albeit a bit frantic at points. My second youngest found it a little difficult following the illustrations at points, and is convinced Alby is a bear and not a squirrel, because he doesn’t really look that much like a squirrel (outside the tail), but these are minor things to consider.

If you’re looking for a cute picture book that helps point your children to the Author behind the stories of their Bible, then Alby’s Amazing Book, is a good introduction.

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