Book Review – Discovering Delight

Discovering Delight by Glenda Mathes (Reformation Heritage Books), is a needed book in a time of recent disparagement regarding the Law of God. Certainly there has always been debate about the Christian’s relationship to the Law, but recently there has been such an emphasis on grace that the concept of God’s Law has no relationship to the believer, and therefore is virtually considered negligible at the least, and morally evil at the worst. Mathes’ brief medications on God’s Law will rekindle your love for God’s law.

With a particular focus on Psalm 119 and other passages of Scripture regarding God’s Law, Mathes helps us to consider that the Christian need not fear the Law, but actually rejoice and love it. In a combination devotional/commentary, Mathes considers the context and provides exegesis for these passages and provides helpful application for the Christian today.

In particular, if you enjoy devotionals, but wish they went further in depth, this is the kind of volume for you. Mathes helpful analysis and application (with review questions), will provide for you a wonderful feast for you as you expound upon this beautiful Psalm and other related portions of God’s Word.

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