Book Review – Salad Love

A review from my wife Tracy, on the book Salad Love by David Bez.

Salad Love is one of my new favorite cookbooks! As someone who enjoys eating as healthfully as possible, and tries to incorporate as much produce in my diet as possible, this book is a wonderful addition to my cookbook collection.

The book offers readers 260 salad recipes that can be eaten as side dishes, or as full meals on their own. Since the salads were originally designed to be prepared for lunches in an office building, the ingredient lists are short and the preparation time is minimal. There is also a picture for every single recipe—I love that! Another wonderful feature is that the book is organized seasonally. This allows readers to take full advantage of any local markets or farm stands that may be available.

There are a few recipes that call for what I would consider to be slightly more exotic ingredients—quail eggs, octopus, and truffle paste to name a few—however, most of the recipes are completely doable and even quite affordable. Those that do make use of more unusual ingredients sometimes offer suggested substitutions as well.

If you eat a lot of salad, or are simply looking for some variety from the standard tossed salad, give this book a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can love salad!

This book was provided free of charge from “Blogging for Books” in exchange for my honest review.

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