Knowing Your Limitations


N.B. Let me start with an introductory statement: “I told you sos” are not allowed as responses.

I have always been very interested in politics, government, and the news. I was raised in a home where what was going on in the world was discussed and opinions shared. Opinions could range widely, and in our home, we had, and have varying opinions. And they are held strongly, and often shared vociferously. 

I think rigorous and vigorous debate and discussion is good. We are called to earnestly contend for the faith (Jude 3) and that means addressing falsehood as well. Christians should be people who know the truth, love the truth, share the truth, and shun falsehood. But every man has to know his limitations. And I am constantly learning mine. My sinful struggles are with pride and arrogance. My joke often is, “they think they know everything, while I know I know everything.” It’s meant as a joke, but the Lord continues to work in me to show me it’s more of an accurate reflection of my heart attitude rather than a sarcastically amusing statement.

I keep well-informed of happenings around the world. I read the paper and listen to the news daily. I read widely in philosophy, ethics, and theology. I follow current events in religion, theology, and politics. I think that it is important for pastors (and Christians) to be aware of what God is doing around the world, and for us to train our thoughts to think biblically about what we see, read, and hear. Being well-informed though, is no defense for seeking to constantly correct people or win the debate. While being a teacher means correcting false thinking, there is a humble way and a proud way to do that. More often than not, especially in the political realm but in other areas too, I’m seeing that attitude grow in me.

So, for that I need to repent. I need to confess my pride and arrogance and remember God is in control and I am not. I am His servant, and a servant to His flock. I am to be boasting in the work of Christ alone and not in my knowledge or my acumen. I am not to be seeking to have the winning blow in the debate, or to police what I see on the internet.

I repent of my pride and arrogance which may have caused me to defame Christ or His church by my actions. If I have sinned against anyone reading this, please accept my apology. I am going to work, by the power of the Holy Spirit to continue to battle pride and arrogance in my life. I cannot do it alone. I hope and pray you will all pray for me for success in this area of sinful weakness. If I sin in my actions or words, I hope you’ll say something.

I know my limitations. My limitations are me. I am my biggest problem. At the core, I wrestle to make myself king rather than to submit myself to King Jesus. That’s really all of our problem. And the solution is more of Jesus and less of me.

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