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My name is Allen Mickle. I am the Pastor of Cornerstone Bible Fellowship Church in Clinton Corners, NY, a member of the Bible Fellowship Church.

I have served previously as an interim pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Amherstburg, ON, St. Clair Baptist Church in Tecumseh, ON, and Grace Baptist Church, in Dartmouth, NS. I also served as Administrative Assistant to the Principal at The Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College and as Coordinator of Training and Equipping with the Slavic Gospel Association Canada. I most recently served as Pastor of Tunkhannock Baptist Church, in Tunkhannock, PA.

I received my Bachelor of Religious Education Degree from Heritage College in Cambridge, ON, and my Master of Divinity and Master of Theology (New Testament) degrees from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary in Allen Park, MI.

I also serve as an Adjunct Instructor in the Bible and Theology Department of Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, PA.

I am married to my beautiful sweetheart, Tracy (formerly Kuehne) from Pennsylvania. We have three children: James, Caroline, and Nathaniel.

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  1. thekingpin68 says:

    Hi Allen,

    An interesting blog. I am working on my PhD through Wales, Lampeter, and my topic is the problem of evil. I completed my MPhil dissertation in the same topic through Wales, Bangor. I hope your PhD goes very well.

    Russ Murray

  2. allenmickle says:


    Thanks for stopping by. Your blog looks quite interesting itself! I too hope your PhD work goes well! Many blessings!

    Allen Mickle

  3. Daniel Lang says:

    Allen, you write about degrees and education, and yes, God can make chose a choose a man with education and degrees, but I would much rather in the grace of God make my boast in Christ. For the one true gospel (not taught of men) is that the Christ Yeshua died for our sins according to the Tanach, He was buried and raised the third day according to the Tanach. (Luke 24, 1 Cor 15:1-6)

  4. allenmickle says:


    Thanks for your post. My intention is not to boast at all. But listing my education and experience is just a part of who I am now (we are shaped by those things). It helps people to know where I stand theologically as well. I truly do only boast in Christ. My degrees and such are counted for not if I rely upon them and not upon my Lord. It is always good to have a reminder to keep that fresh in our minds!

    Allen Mickle

  5. Hello There Allen,

    I love your name, Intresting Blog, I was gripped, Anyway, give us a write back, If you feel like it, I’m not going to leave my adress, because i don’t like you.

    Toodle Pip

  6. allenmickle says:

    Toodle Pip,

    Well… glad you like my name and my blog and that you were gripped! I don’t usually get people telling me they were gripped!

    Well, I would try to write back but you didn’t leave your address. But I would like to even though you don’t like me!


  7. DemokraSickK says:

    Haha, of corse we like you really, Allen! xD
    That was me and my pall, and we were gripped to you’re blog.
    She came to you’re page when she saw it on Google.

  8. allenmickle says:

    Good to hear! I hope you continue to find the blog helpful. Many blessings!

  9. Allen you are our role model, We love you :] <3! Be our pal! :]]

  10. Allen! We love you! You’re our role model! :]! <3!

  11. allenmickle says:

    A role model? That’s scary! By the way… care to finally share who this is?

  12. russ says:

    I am in the preliminary stages of applying for the PhD at Leiden University in the area of 18th century Baptist historical theology.

    Hi Allen,

    I deduce that Wales did not work out for you, I am sorry. I hope Leiden in the Netherlands is excellent. I can relate to problems with questionable advisors and departments, and/or just a lack of an available advisor, as these have all happened to me. After TWU, I started off a PhD program at Manchester, and then went to Wales, Bangor for the MPhil and Wales, Lampeter for the PhD. By God’s grace we succeed or fail, regardless of other’s opinions! I wish you all the best, Allen. As for me, I am writing my afterword and working on final revisions.


  13. allenmickle says:


    Wales did not work out because of lack of funding. Without the necessary cash I would have kept working through Wales. Leiden has no tuition charges for PhD students. That was the big thing for me and the reason I pushed toward Leiden. I too hope it works out! I also hope all goes well with the finishing touches on your dissertation! Thanks for keeping me posted!


  14. DemokraSickK says:

    Just out of curiosity… Do you have MSN?
    I’d quite like to chat, just as a friend, of course! :D
    Anyway, I’ll check your page to see if you’ve written back..

    Oooh.. And did you get married?
    If so, congratss!!! :D
    Wish you all the best with that

  15. Allen Mickle says:


    No, I do not have MSN unfortunately. But would enjoy chatting if you like. I am getting married July 26, 2008.



  16. DemokraSickK says:

    Oh :( That’s a shame.
    Awh getting married :D

  17. bobhanks says:

    Hi Allen ,
    Bob Hanks here. Remember me from the old Dispensatinal forum ? Jeremy , Anthony , all those guys? Didn’t they call it ‘ Theology World ?’

    Anyway , I certainly remember you. Glad to see you are still standing and busy with the Lord’s work. Also getting MARRIED in one month ! Congrats ! I will be spending some time on your blog to see what else has been going on and what you’ve been thinking about.

    I can be found at http://www.bobhanks.wordpress.com

  18. Jaeyoon Kim says:

    Dear Mr Mickle

    Many many thanks for your kindness and helps which you kindly sent to me your magazine of Dr Lloyd-Jones.
    May God bless your marriage and your ministry for His sakes.

    Yours very cordially,

    Jaeyoon Kim

  19. Jaeyoon Kim says:

    Dear Mr Mickle

    I do appreciate for your helps and kindness to me, so I would like to send my work which is ‘The Legacy of Martyn Lloyd-Jones’. It contains lots of good materials of Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Please let me know your email address to me. Every blessing.

    Cordially in christ,

    Jaeyoon Kim

  20. Jerad File says:

    Mr. Mickle,

    So you are working on Gill as well? I would love to carry on a conversation to see what I can learn. Would you be interested in some colaberation while I work on my own thesis?

    Jerad File

  21. Ben says:

    I’m a pirate. YAR!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t check out my blog. I haven’t a thing up on it. One of these days I’ll figure out what to pontificate about and put it on my blog.

    Hope things are going well!

  22. allenmickle says:

    I love it Ben! I’ll blogroll you once you get going! :)Things here are pretty good. We’re still job hunting (nothing yet) and waiting to hear from a few churches we’ve been talking to. Hard to be patient but we’re trying!

  23. Ben says:

    You’ll find something Al, I’m sure of it. When are you guys going to be in the Windsor area again?

  24. allenmickle says:

    Thanks Ben. We trust the Lord will provide. We’ll be down Mother’s Day weekend and then two weeks after that. We would love to see you!

  25. Ben says:

    Sure thing. Give me a shout and we’ll get crazy!

  26. Bill Pfister says:


    I am beginning a new pastorate and am praying about the direction to go in the preaching and found your blog helpful. I also saw where you were studying at Leiden and that you made the comment that it was tuition free. I was accepted at Southern into a PhD program but the cost was prohibitive with three children and I have been looking at alternatives. Could you please email me at the address above with how your studies are going and how you worked out the tuition?

    Grace to you,
    Bill Pfister

  27. Francesca says:

    Thank you Allen for posting your educational background. I for one always like to know this because there are some institutions out there that, if the preacher had his degree from there, I would avoid. Knowing one’s credentials does give us an idea of where you are coming from. There are too many preachers out there now making it up as they go along or who have degrees from questionable sources.

    Links and books are also another way for me to tell where one is spiritually.

  28. russ says:

    Hi Allen,

    I hope that you and family are very well and that the PhD is progressing.

    My PhD is finally over.:)

    Dr. Russ

    P.S. I am always looking for blog links and followers and will reciprocate.


    • allenmickle says:

      Congrats on being finished!

      I actually dropped out of my PhD. My wife and I decided I was doing it for the wrong reasons and that ultimately it served generally little use to my work as a pastor. Lord willing in the next year or two I plan to pursue a DMin in Biblical Counseling from Westminster Seminary. But it was fun and I still do a lot of reading on Gill and trinitarian theology. Glad you’re done!

      I don’t have a blog list but will be happy to post a link to your blog for my handful of readers!

  29. russ says:

    Hi Allen, thanks.

    You know, by getting the Doctorate, I have done well and what the Lord guided me to do.

    But in a sense, I too dropped out of some things for twenty years, in particular social, due to time, energy and financial restraints.

    God bless you and the Mrs.


  30. rmered3382 says:

    Are you related to Bruce Mickle who was from Kalamazoo, MI?

    I worked for him.

    Bob Meredith

  31. Jane Doe says:

    Could you come over my house and show me your PENIS?
    I live on 311 Fuller Road Dalton PA 18414.
    I don’t Care if your married or not. I find you sexually attractive. I also find you handsome. I want to have your babies.

  32. Rev Alusine Kargbo says:

    l will like us be friends . Am a Sierra Leonar living in Sierra Leon in the North part of the country a town called kamakwie .

  33. Andrew Dawes says:

    Nice blog. I’m a BBC/SummitU student. Never taken a class with you, but it’s encouraging to see your interest in Reformed perspectives. You write well, too!

    Keep posting.

  34. Melissa says:

    Hi Allen,
    I used to attend Lighthouse Baptist Church in Amherstburg, ON for over 27 years. I think I remember your brief internship. Glad you are doing well and working and serving the Lord.

    Melissa Tarte (nee Bastien)
    Married with 2 children now

    • allenmickle says:

      Glad to connect Melissa! I apologize, that in the brief year I was there, I’m having a hard time remembering everyone. :) But I am glad you are well! Many blessings to you!

  35. Dean Gray says:

    My wife Lillie and I visited Reformed Baptist Church of Franconia last Sunday. Your sermon was encouraging. Thanks.

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