Abortion is Murder

January 12, 2011

It’s time someone finally said it. Abortion is murder. And it’s time that the mainstream media actually print someone saying that. Frankly, the political correctness of our world in tip-toeing around so-called “women’s reproductive rights”, is nauseating. Something must be said, and something must be done. In Pennsylvania alone in 2008 approximately 41,000 children lost their lives because we value death over life. Our culture is a culture of death. Death is celebrated and cheered, while life, and the pursuit of it is looked down upon. Who would ever think that a mother would have some so-called right to kill the life of their child? What kind of “civilized” world do we live in?

I know people will be up in arms at me for saying these things. “Think about all those women whose lives are endangered?” Yes, there are some, but it is very rare, and if the life of the mother and child are in jeopardy, abortion is something that should be considered. “Think about babies born as a product of incest or rape?” Yes, there are some, but it is not terribly common. And frankly, why punish the baby? That baby did nothing to deserve to die. Carry that child to term and put it up for adoption. Choose life, not death. “What about those who did not plan on having a baby or cannot afford one?” Perhaps you should have thought of that before you brought new life into the world? So, now you’re going to punish this new baby by killing it because you did not know better? What a pragmatic, pluralistic, death-loving culture we live in if these are the kinds of arguments people have to justify abortion.

This nation once stood for the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness as unalienable rights for all people. It is clear though that in our nation, the pursuit of liberty and happiness comes at the expense of life. And please, do not give us the tired arguments that the baby is not a baby. Babies, from the moment of conception, are a living being. They are human. And to eliminate that life, is murder. Plain and simple. No sugar coating this one. Abortion is murder. There I said it.

And frankly, why are more not saying it? Why is the church of Christ not standing up and demanding our nation restore rights to our unborn children? Why are we not filled with moral outrage over the needless and senseless death we see all around us? If God knew David in the womb, did He not know you and your children? Where in all the Bible, can you find justification for abortion? Christians, if you truly are Christians, stand for life. Demand that people embrace life and not death.

But Christians, you will need to step up. Help mothers who want to abort their babies. Show them the alternatives. And when mother’s put their babies up for adoption, adopt them! Show you care enough about life that you are willing to help protect and care for another life rescued from death.

You may think I am crazy. A religious zealot. You might even think I am dangerous. But frankly, I’m just being honest. God cares about the unborn, and so should all of us. Our nation is continuing to slip more and more into immorality. The mark of a civilized nation is how they care for the marginalized and the voiceless. There are none as voiceless as unborn children. Love them, protect them, care for them, let them live!

Frankly, our world needs to hear it ringing loud and clear. We stand for life and not death! Abortion is murder!

Russ Moore on the Primacy of the Local Church

October 17, 2008

Readers of this blog (see here), and hearers of my preaching (see here), will know how the primacy of the local church is extremely important to me. There is nothing that comes above, or even along side of, the local chuch in importance to the life of the believer. Russ Moore, Dean of the School of Theology and Senior Vice President for Academic Administration at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has recently wrote a brief article titled, “Jesus Didn’t Die for a Campus Ministry: The Spiritual Danger of Unchurched Spirituality” for the Carl F. H. Henry Institute For Evangelical Engagement of which he is Executive Director. While brief, it is extremely helpful. Dr. Moore is sharp and astute and everything he says and writes is worth reading. I had the privilege of picking him up and dropping him off at the Toronto airport when he came to speak at the 2007 TBS graduation. He is a good man!

On that note, check out his recent chapel message at SBTS on which Justin Taylor calls, “one of the most prophetic pro-life messages I have ever heard.” Listen to “Joseph of Nazareth is a Single-Issue Evangelical: The Father of Jesus, the Cries of the Helpless, and Change You Can Believe in” (Matt 2:13:23).