Book Review – Get Outta My Face!

February 25, 2010

Rick Horne, Get Outta My Face! How to Reach Angry Unmotivated Teens with Biblical Counsel (Wapwallopen, PA: Shepherd’s Press, 2009).

Want to reach angry and unmotivated teens? This is a great resource for anyone who has a desire to make an impact in a teenager’s life whether it be a teacher, parent, or youth worker. If you have worked with teens or young adults surely you have experienced the Get Outta My Face attitude. Rick Horne has developed a tool that will help you disciple teens in the midst of chaos and turmoil. This book will show you the importance  of seeing people the way that God sees them. Inside every individual there is a soul with real problems, fears, and worry’s and Horne help his readers develop a strategy that will not only help you resolve conflict with teens, but also every individual that comes into your world. As you venture into youth ministry either as a youth worker or a parent this book will be an encouragement to you as you will find that you are not alone in this battle. If you have any role in a teenager’s life this book will help you reach their hearts while learning what is driving their motivations to act they way they do.

Timothy J. Sullivan IV earned his M.Div. with a Youth Ministry focus from Baptist Bible College, Clarks Summit, PA.