Don’t Let Haiti Allow You to Forget the Rest of the World

January 24, 2010

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Galatias 6:10).

Today at Tunkhannock Baptist Church, we took up a special offering for the Haiti Disaster Relief Fund of Compassion International. We as a church felt compelled to give of what the Lord has given us above and beyond what we normally collect to help the relief efforts in Haiti. And as a Church, we are concerned no only about the physical needs of those in Haiti but also the spiritual needs of all those suffering there. The needs there currently are incredible. But, it is good to remember that the needs are great everywhere.

Don’t let Haiti allow you to forget the rest of the world.

I know the situation in Haiti is awful. But the situation around the world is awful in general. Don’t let a major disaster be the only time you pray for a nation or a people or give to support the physical and spiritual needs around the world.

For instance, did you know that 90% of towns in Russia still are without a church and that most people are barely able to scrape by with enough funds for basic necessities? How could you help in church planing efforts in Russia and meeting the needs of people there?

Even closer to home, do you know that in 2005 there were almost 1 million abortions in the US? That’s 1 million people dying (by murder no less) each year in the US. How could you help women choose life over abortion?

Those are just two examples of huge needs in two different areas of the world. Let’s be careful not to allow a major disaster to draw our attention away from the rest of the world. While the need in Haiti is incredible right now and the people there need our love, care, support, and prayers (which is why our church is giving funds to help!) it does not mean needs have ended elsewhere. Be informed of the needs around the world and as you are able, do good to all men, especially to the household of faith!

December Issue – To Russia With Love – SGA Newsletter

December 4, 2008

Please find the below PDF of my monthly Slavic Gospel Association newsletter, To Russia with Love. Please read, be encouraged, challenged, and pray!

To Russia with Love – December Newsletter of Allen Mickle and SGA

Trip to Russia and Ukraine

October 16, 2008

Greetings friends! I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers and support during my recent trip to Russia and Ukraine! I had a tremendous time and was very blessed and challenged by the people I met! I now have actual first hand stories to be able to tell people about our brothers and sisters in the former Soviet Union. And just for your interest sake, here are a couple of touristy photos of me! The first is me in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. The other is me in front of the Black Sea in Odessa!

The Future of Russia

October 8, 2008

Al Mohler has an interesting post about the future of Russia with regards to declining birth rate and increasing abortions. Let us pray for the revival that is most desperately needed across the former Soviet Union! Mohler’s thoughts can be found here in his post, The End of the Nation? Russia Chooses Death Over Life.

Trip to Russia and Ukraine

September 15, 2008

Please be in prayer for me as I depart for Russia and the Ukraine this Wednesday (September 17) and will be returning on October 3. This is my first trip as part of the Slavic Gospel Association and trust that this will be an eye-opening time for me. While the above picture shows the touristy side of Moscow, I will be traveling in the rural communities meeting people serving in churches as pastors and ministry leaders in far less touristy settings. Pray for our brothers and sisters in the Commonwealth of Independent States that the Lord would bless them in their ministry. Pray that I would grow and be challenged in my own faith and excited to share the stories of what God is doing in this spiritually hungry place!