The Waiting Game…

October 23, 2009

No one likes to wait. No one likes to sit at a red light, or sit in a waiting room, or be stuck in traffic, or endure through a course of study until you graduate. We are not a patient people.

The reality is we are in a waiting game. Waiting until death comes and the judgment. The difference between the Christian and the non-Christian is that one waits by doing and working, the other simply waits for time to run out.

My wife and I are waiting. We’re waiting for our work visa so we can join our church in Pennsylvania on a permanent basis. We hate popping in and out and not being there for the ups and downs of the life of the church, getting settled into our community, and serving the flock. Yet, God in his infinite wisdom has called us to wait. It could be months before the US government issues our visa. Yet, we simply pray and work and do in the meantime. We may not always be the most patient people, we Christians, but we are often called to wait, which grows patient endurance in us.

I hope I can win in my waiting game!