Current Publications

“’A Life of Satisfaction and Enjoyment’:The Glorious Reward of Heaven” The Gospel Witness (August 2011).

“’From the Sordidness of Sin to the Purity of God’s Image’: The Doctrine of Sanctification” The Gospel Witness (April 2011).

“John Gill,” in Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization (Oxford, England: Blackwell Publishing, 2011).

“Bob Jones, Sr.” in Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization (Oxford, England: Blackwell Publishing, 2011).

“Not the Crèche but the Cross: Christmas is but Servant to Easter” The Gospel Witness (December 2010).

“What’s the Big Deal with Complaining?” The Gospel Witness (February 2009).

“The Afterlife in the Book of Psalms,” Conservative Theological Journal 7 (August 2003): 176-196.

Forthcoming Publications

“To Declare the Whole Counsel of God: Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) on Preaching,” in a forthcoming festscrift for Gerald Priest from Wipf and Stock.

The Doctrine of Baptism and the Distinction of the Covenants by Thomas Patient. Edited and Introduced by Allen Mickle from Borderstone.

3 Responses to Writings

  1. Joyce Beaton says:

    I don’t understand this need for a comment when it has already been submitted.

  2. Orpheus Heyward says:

    Hello, Professor,

    Hope all is well. Can you please email me my final grade. Sorry to contact you here. Didn’t know another form of contact.

  3. You must be the only person ever to write on Bob Jones, Sr. and John Gill! What a contrast!

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