"Listening to the Past – Lessons from Andrew Fuller" 8

Sorry for the delay guys! It’s been a busy couple of weeks!

This next selection from Fuller comes from a sermon he preached titled, “The Obedience of Churches to Their Pastors Explained and Enforced.” It was preached to the Baptist Church at Cannon Street in Birmingham at the ordination of Thomas Morgan on June 23, 1802.

It can be found in Works, I:202.

From these remarks, you see and feel, my brethren, that if your pastor perform his work with grief, it will be at your expense; or that every kind of treatment that woulds his spirit undermines your own welfare. Study, therefore, by all means, to render it his joy, which will turn to your account: study, by a constant discharge of kind offices, to endear yourselves and your families to him; by an inviting intimacy in spiritual things, to known and be known by him; and by a holy, humble, and uniform conduct int eh world and in the church, to enable him to look the enemies of religion in the face, while he proclaims its holy efficacy. The reward of a true pastor is in the people of his charge, in their sanctification and salvation. What else is h hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Do not withhold from the labourer his hire! You may be his hope, without being his joy; and his hope and joy for a season, without being his crown of rejoicing in the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ, at his coming: but need I sy that this will be unprofitable o you? If he have a full reward of his labour, you must be his hope, and joy, and crown. Brethren, consider what I have said, and the Lord give you understanding in all things.

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