News from the Great White North

Let me just thank everyone who has been praying for me of late especially when it comes to ministry opportunities. I have been greatly comforted by encouraging testimonies from people as well as their prayers. Let me ask you for continued prayer for two opportunities coming up for me.

First, Dr. Michael Haykin, has given me an amazing opportunity to fill in for him teaching his Baptist History class at Toronto Baptist Seminary on March 12. Dr. Haykin will be out of the area that day and asked me to fill in. I will be lecturing on William Carey. What a wonderful opportunity to study more carefully this great man of God and have it impact my own life as well as the lives of the people who will be there in class.

Also, I am interviewing at Toronto Baptist Seminary on February 21 to be Dr. Haykin’s administrative/research assistant. I would be assisting Dr. Haykin directly as well as in other areas of the seminary including fund raising. This is an amazing opportunity to be closer to my Ph.D. supervisor and to be able to serve the Lord in the context of theological education. Please pray for myself and those whom I will be interviewing with at TBS that God would grant us much wisdom in determining His will.

That is one of the reasons I have been so busy. I hope though that you will all continue checking in here from time to time with my continued hope that this blog is helpful to all who read it! And a note to Crawford, I hope to have a review of the second chapter of your book by Saturday!

God bless you all!

One Response to News from the Great White North

  1. C G says:

    Hope things go well. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by TBS – it really is something.

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