Forthcoming Publication

I wanted to let you all know about an interesting new resource coming out from Blackwell Publishers called The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization. It is to be published in 3 volumes and is due out in 2008. Here is some information about it.

“The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization is a study of the cultural complex and civilization created during the past 2000 years by the Christian Church. Even as modern secular civilization has become the dominant cultural force in the world, Christianity remains a civilization in its own right with its own norms, values, institutions, forms of expression, terminology, and modes of communication. Further, there are elements of modern secular civilization that are of distinctly Christian origin, the calendar being the most obvious example. Even today, the pervasive influence of Christian ideas and legacies is evident in sectors of life that are far removed from the mainstream of Christian history. The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization will examine the sources of Christian culture and civilization, the depth of its historic influence on human culture and the reasons for its enduring strength.

I have the privilege of contributing two brief biographical entries in this encyclopedia. John Gill, the great Baptist Theologian, and Bob Jones, Sr., the 20th century evangelist and founder of Bob Jones University.

Keep a look out for this helpful up-coming encyclopedia.

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