Lloyd-Jones (and others) on the Role of the Holy Spirit in Preaching


The first time I read Lloyd-Jones was back in high school when sensing the call to the ministry a wise youth pastor put Preaching and Preachers into my hands to read. It was a worth-while book to read even though perhaps at the time I did not grasp all of the implications of Lloyd-Jones presentation.

Having since then spent some time in the pastorate and a lot of time in theological education, I have come to question Lloyd-Jones view on the role of the Holy Spirit in preaching. His references to “annointing,” “unction,” and “baptism of the Spirit” in the context of preaching have raised some theological eyebrows since my first reading of Preaching and Preachers.

I am going to post an article by my former pastor, and Professor of Practical Theology at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. David Doran related to this issue. The article, “The Role of the Holy Spirit in Preaching” (from the Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal [Fall 1998]) critiques a number of preachers who have seen a special role of the Holy Spirit in preaching including Spurgeon, R. A. Torrey, and Dr. Lloyd-Jones. I think it is an article that faithfully shows the positions of each of them and then compares it to the biblical data.

What I would like is for those who may have read more of Lloyd-Jones than myself to read the article and let me know what they think about Dr. Doran’s argumentation about the role of the Holy Spirit in preaching specifically with reference to Lloyd-Jones thinking.

The article is found here. Please interact critically with the article. Perhaps we can start a good discussion over this much debated issue!

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