Books on Spirituality

A growing area of important study in Evangelicalism is that of spirituality. We have fallen way behind others groups in developing a thorough doctrine of spirituality. Over at Reformation Theology they have laid out the top 10 books on piety, sanctification, and spiritual growth. I agree with each one they have listed and encourage you to read each one carefully!

You can find their list here. These works will give comfort to the soul, inflame a life of holiness, and persuade a more intimate relationship with God.

3 Responses to Books on Spirituality

  1. cg says:


    Talking of lists, I found yours on dispensationalism on Amazon yesterday!


  2. allenmickle says:

    Hey Crawford,

    Boy oh boy is that an old list! I would make some changes to it now (especially to the progressive writings) but I’m still in essential agreement with what I’ve got there. I need to get my hands on Ryrie’s new edition of his “Dispensationalism.” Nice flashy new cover too!


  3. I suspect that the spirituality/religion distinction has been overdrawn, particularly in the modern context where the two blur. I have just posted on it. In case you are interested, here is the link.

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