A Trip to Pennsbury Manor

I was down in Pennsylvania this past weekend visiting a young lady I’ve been seeing and we went together to Pennsbury Manor, the home of William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania. Penn (1644-1718) was the son of another William Penn who was an admiral in the British Navy and supported the return of Charles II as king to England. In payment for using Penn’s ships to return Charles, Charles gave all of the land known as Pennsylvania (and also at the time what is now Delaware) to the Penn’s to be settled. As long as it was named after Penn’s father (who had died at this time) it was agreed. Penn became the governor of the new Commonwealth. Penn was a Quaker (he was friends with George Fox the founder of Quakerism) who believed in the equality of all men under God. While he had his problems like the next man, he worked hard at establishing a democracy in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which means Penn’s Woods).

It was a fascinating look into the life of this figure. Here are some pictures below.


Statue of William Penn


Inscription under statue of Penn.


Pennsbury Manor. William Penn’s home.

6 Responses to A Trip to Pennsbury Manor

  1. thomasgoodwin says:

    Are you in a courtship, Allen?

  2. allenmickle says:


    Well, what makes you think that? :)

    Not quite, but very soon. I have gotten permission to court her from her parents this past weekend and she will be meeting my family in Windsor in 2 weeks and as long as all goes well then, yes we will begin “courting.”

    Sheesh… and all this from a post on William Penn!

  3. thomasgoodwin says:

    “I was down in Pennsylvania this past weekend visiting a young lady I’ve been seeing …” Speaking of relationships, I preached on the Song of Songs this last week (5:1ff) and in verse 4, I think, the KJV speaks of “bowels opened” which was a book written by Richard Sibbes. Some guy at the Yale University Medical Library thought it was a work on constipation and so Sibbes is in the Yale Med School! Just an anecdote to humor you.

    I will be coming to T.O in a few weeks for a wedding. It would be nice to meet up. I’ve emailed Ian as well.


  4. allenmickle says:


    My holidays start Friday. I am off the month of July. This weekend I will be preaching in New Jersey and then I’m with my family back in Windsor for the week. Then I am down in Philly to see Tracy and then bring her up to Windsor to see my family. Then we are gone on vacation for almost 2 weeks (Louisiana/Florida). Then Tracy’s sister’s wedding is the last weekend of July. So, unfortunately, I will not at all be in the Toronto area in July. :)


  5. thomasgoodwin says:

    Wow, what a schedule. Have fun and remember, “he who finds a wife, finds what is good and has found favor with the Lord” (Prov. 18:22)

  6. allenmickle says:

    I whole heartedly agree. :)

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